1. Can I register my vehicle on this site if I am a resident?
It depends on your community. If your community's name or your community's management company is listed in the left hand margin of this site, you may register your vehicle here. If neither is listed here, you will have to register with your management office.
2. How do I know where and when I can park my vehicle?

Your management office will have a list of the rules and regulations of your community. We at PNS do not make the rules and each property is different.


Why do I have to register my guest's vehicle?

This is to ensure that all vehicles on property are allowed to be there. It is impossible to know what vehicle belongs to whom unless it is registered and this includes guest vehicles.

What happens if I get a boot on my vehicle?

You must deal with PNS if your vehicle has been immobilized. (954) 485-5373
5. How do I know who has towed my vehicle?
If PNS has had your vehicle towed, it will have been towed to the towing company listed at the entrance to your property. You can call us and we will direct you to them, however we do not have any affiliation to any of the tow companies that we work with and you will have to deal with them to recover your vehicle. In the event that we did not tow your vehicle contact your local police agency and they can assist you further.
6. How do I prevent my vehicle from being towed?
First and foremost, REGISTER your vehicle with PNS. This includes resident and guest vehicles. Prior to towing any vehicle, PNS will likely have placed a warning on the vehicle and in emergency situations (i.e. blocking another vehicle or garage/carport) we will attempt to call you to move the vehicle prior to towing.
7. When does PNS patrol my property?

Our patrol staff monitors your property at random intervals. Your property management may request additional patrols but we do not make these times public knowledge.

8. It seems that your staff is always choosing my vehicle(s) and picking on just me?
Since our patrols are random, since we do not have a set time that we appear on your property, and since we cannot conduct enforcement against a vehicle that is not in violation, it is not possible for us to target any specific vehicle. However, if your vehicle is parking in such a way to be violating your community's rules and regulations then we will address it accordingly. If you are aware of your community's rules and regulations and adhere to them properly there should never be a reason for our company to interact with you or your vehicle(s) negatively.
9. I just received a warning and I know my vehicle is registered, what do I do?
Generally, when a vehicle receives a warning it is usually due to a small discrepancy. Most of the time it is because the vehicle license plate has changed and the owner forgot to notify us or there is a digit that is off on the plate. There may also be other issues for a warning to be issued and the quickest way to resolve any issue is to call us at (954)485-9392 and one of our staff members will happily assist you.
10. I got a ticket but do not think it is right, what do I do?
The most important advice is not to ignore the ticket as it will not go away. If you feel that you have been wrongly issued a ticket you can appeal the ticket here on this website or contact us in writing with your reason(s) for believing the ticket was issued improperly. This must be done within the time period prior to the ticket doubling (15 days from the date of issue).